One Night Stand V

Another Show at the Valley Green Motel is coming up!

On Saturday, April 9, 2011 from  5:00pm – 9:00pm Keene artists will be showing work in multiple Valley Green Motel rooms.

Here’s what the organizer Molly has to say:

“The Valley Green Motel is a non-traditional venue that we have sought to make our own about four times a year. Beginning in the fall, the art show has hosted more than 10 artists each time, and is still growing! I have been keeping in touch with the staff of the Keene Sentinel, with the hopes that they will write a press release for us this time! This is very exciting that Keene has begun to recognize this event as something worth paying attention too, and this attention opens up a lot of potential doors for the expansion of the art show.
Please take advantage of this if you can! Rooms cost about $60. and in the past have been split between as many as 4 people (very affordable). You may choose to display your work to sell, or not too- we consider this to be more of an art show than a vendor’s market, but obviously hope for your work to sell! Those of you who have participated in these in the past could actually begin to see the benefits of your participation by once again attending this event. With this kind of potential publicity we are hoping for the largest turnout yet!
Molly Fletcher”

Please don’t hesitate to contact Molly if you want to participate in the show, and as always, please stop by and support local artists!

ALSO: check out my tumblr for neat pictures/videos/updates.

UPDATE: here is the article on the show in the Keene Sentinel:

(Obviously I am not a professor at Keene State, and the colors are very bad.)

“‘One Night Stand’ artists are throwing a ‘block party

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Sentinel Staff
Published: Thursday, March 24, 2011

Agroup of artists in the region have given a new meaning to hospitality.

They’ll check into the Valley Green Motel Saturday, April 9, for a “One Night Stand” — that is, an exhibition of work on display in a group of rooms for an evening. The artists will be on hand during the “block party” to chat with motel guests.

The show marks the fifth such event. The first was three years ago and was founded by Ana Venezia and Leslie Dorcus, two faculty members in Keene State College’s art department.

Artist and Keene State art faculty member Molly Fletcher (a 2007 Keene State alumna) has coordinated the past three events at the motel.

“It’s a way (for emerging artists) to get recognition,” she said. “There’s not a whole lot of space in the few galleries we do have in town to show your work.”

Fletcher said the show started in one room at the Valley Green with five artists and now fills five rooms with the work of 10 artists — and there’s plenty of room to grow. Artists pay the $60 room fee for the evening and can share cost and space. For now, the cost is out-of-pocket to the artists, but Fletcher said the hope is to secure some type of funding for future events, possibly by asking for donations at the door.

The artists participating are Keene State students, alumni and faculty, and there are others who are Keene High School students. The rest come from throughout the region.

Fletcher was inspired by the motel as a venue because she had shown some of her own work in a similar non-traditional makeshift space — in an empty storefront near the Keene State campus — during one of her art classes a few years ago. The non-traditional space, she added, is a suitable venue to show non-traditional work.

“The emphasis is on contemporary art,” she said of the show. Among the media that will be represented are video, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, painting and installation — some of the work will be collaborative. Fletcher said there is also the possibility for work to be displayed that is created specific to the site.

If she could pin the exhibit down to a theme, it would be irreverence. “It’s about appreciation of humor in an offbeat sort of place,” she said. “All the work has a sort of humorous quality.”

Eventually, Fletcher would like the event to be held quarterly throughout the year, whether at the motel or at a more permanent space like Keene State’s Carroll House Gallery. “I think it’s nice to get into that groove,” she said.

u The Valley Green “One Night Stand” exhibit is Saturday, April 9, from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Valley Green Motel, West Street, Keene. For more information, call 848-1015.”


~ by Leslie Dorcus on March 8, 2011.

One Response to “One Night Stand V”

  1. Hi Leslie,

    Hannah Grimes is currently renovating a full floor in our building for our business incubator, to be finished by June 1, and I’d be happy to talk to you about the possibility of offering that space for one of your quarterly exhibitions. It has a small kitchen, some common areas, and plenty of hall wall space.

    Mary Ann Kristiansen, Executive Director

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